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Racism is a complex issue and at times seems irreparable. Imaginary Walls is a feature length documentary that explores how one couple in Oakland, California has successfully helped people move beyond racism in their own lives.

Working from their modest Attitudinal Healing Connection center, Kokomon and Aeeshah Clottey lead "racial healing circles," where very diverse groups of people gather, with the specific intention of discussing their experiences and feelings about race. Aeeshah and Kokomon provide an environment that is safe, open-minded, and free from judgment. They stress that racism is a construct of an ill society; a mass delusion, and no one need feel guilt or shame about what they have felt or done in the past. The past is just that: past. It can be released, let go, and participants can move forward in their lives.

Imaginary Walls explores this racial healing process and why it has worked for so many people both here in the US and in the other healing centers Aeeshah and Kokomon have helped found in Asia, Africa, Mexico, and South America. As we look closely at the success of these racial healing circles, we explore the personal life journeys of Aeeshah and Kokomon, painting intimate portraits of who they are, how they met later in life and what drew them to this work. We also build detailed portrayals of two healing circle participants - Bayon Simmons, who is Caucasian woman, and Guillermo Hernandez, a Hispanic man.

Even as this important story shares how two people have dedicated their lives to healing the racism that plagues our society at the deepest level, perhaps even more valuable is its potential to change all of us. This film will engage the audience and inspire them to find a new outlook on their own lives and feelings. It could be the "crack" in those imaginary walls that helps us all to topple them forever. By supporting this film, you are supporting the idea that we can all have a healthier, happier state of mind. We can all find a larger sense of community, and evolve toward a better world together.